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this is gray

As Gray transitioned from a baby to toddler to pre-schooler, as first time parents we found it really difficult to find healthy and delicious on-the-go snacks for our busy schedules and those that were appropriate for Gray’s age. 

And so it began. A little adventure of big exploration. We looked high & low, in big shops & little shops, online & offline, looking for products which are designed especially to make growing up easier.

We started to find a community of like-minded brands, who we like to call our ‘Little Legends’.


They faced similar challenges and designed alternative options, giving parents, carers and kids a choice. We bring these legends together and are forever continuing our search in finding more kid-focused brands and expanding our range.

We hope you enjoy 'A Little Big Kid' snacks as much as we do.

Thank you,

much love & appreciation,

Priti & Gray xoxo


Big Fact Alert! – Did you know that 41% of children in the UK leave primary school overweight*

Traditional snacks target the baby market then there is a giant leap across to adult snacks and simply putting a cartoon character on a label does not make a product child friendly

Most of these snacks do not meet the needs of both the big kid, aka adult and little kids – Healthy & Yummy. Healthy snacks are rarely yummy and yummy snacks are rarely healthy and very few are suitable for growing children.

A Little Big Kid fixes this. We fill the gap. We have done the homework to bring you a range of children’s healthy and yummy snacks all in one place. We take care of the nutritional content, considering everything from the amount of sugar contained, to how much salt is added, to the saturated fat content, to the size of the portion.

Making the right choices from a young age helps to create a lifetime of healthy habits. We bring together all the brands who bridge the gap between baby and adult snacks to develop healthy, nutritionally balanced and great tasting products just for kids. 

A one stop shop that allows children to eat the right type and amount of energy  and are the only place you need to go where snacking is healthy, yummy, easy and guilt-free.     


‘Magic Powers’ to Eat, Play, Learn and Grow!

We are Developed by Parents, Approved by Nutrition & Loved by Kids

*source data from UK Parliament, House of Commons Library, Obesity Statistics, 16 March 2022

growing up healthy!

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